Our People


Heyo, this is the fearless manager, Seth Young! These days I am working as barista and making some rad scribbles as a freelance illustrator.  I like coffee and the like, but I love people more, so come aboard for raving adventures in a world of blackened caffeine seas, foaming steamed milk waterfalls, and tranquil pools of silently steaming tea.  J. Arthur’s awaits!










Your J. Arthur’s veteran.












Hi! I’m Kristen.I am a double major in Psychology and Sport Psychology at Concordia University St. Paul, where I also play Division II Soccer.  I am an avid coffee drinker and my hobbies include reading, playing viola, watching Netflix, and of course drinking coffee. 











Sarah. pic of sarah

I’m a long-time lover of coffee, books, and all things Italian. I have a B.A. in Writing & Literature and dabble in work as a publishing intern at Graywolf Press, doing events for Magers & Quinn Booksellers, and freelance writing, editing, and being an all-around creative. While I’m not jamming out to hip hop or watching cat videos, I’m trying to read outside as much as possible, raising my two kittens, exploring NE Minneapolis and making art with my husband Andy, and never missing out on an opportunity to enjoy sweatpants.





Hi there! I’m Connie. I love horses, good books, friendship, holidays, and the color hunter green. My hobbies are rich and varied, ranging from all things involving unicorns, sunshine, early mornings, and spelling bees. I am so glad to work at J. Arthur’s with all these lovely, honest, and wonderful people.









Hi! I’m Mike, I enjoy long walks on the beach, smooth jazz. and the smell of fresh cut wood. If I’m not making the most bomb cup of coffee you’ve ever had, you can find me somewhere in the mountains, probably knitting or something like that. I’m a great arm wrestler and world class hair flipper. Some of my hero’s include: Tommy Caldwell, Neil Diamond, and Nick Offerman. If you enjoy talking about different origins of coffee beans for hours on end, or if you like wearing socks, I’m sure we’d be great friends!

P.S. you look great in that shirt








Hi, I’m Caity! Not be confused with Kate. I love spending my time singing or playing with yarn in the sunshine. After getting my degree in Intercultural Studies, I have found my life goal. That goal is to be in a ministry in Russia that allows me to become a babushka and help all the orphans and homeless cats! (ignore the Russian puppy in my photo)








Hey! Morgan here. I’m a senior double major in Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Northwestern St. Paul. The biochemist in me will make sure your coffee is always prepared precisely (and thus, deliciously). I’m currently finishing up my last semester at UNW and am interviewing for PhD programs in Immunology beginning Fall 2016. After that I hope to become a college professor. Finally, here are a few of my favorite things: snow, old books, philosophy, new books, playing violin in the UNW orchestra, coffee, science jokes, and my super cool family.