Our People



Hi! I’m Kristen.I am a double major in Psychology and Sport Psychology at Concordia University St. Paul, where I also play Division II Soccer.  I am an avid coffee drinker and my hobbies include reading, playing viola, watching Netflix, and of course drinking coffee. 







Hi! I’m Mike, I enjoy long walks through REI, smooth jazz. and the smell of fresh cut wood. If I’m not making the most bomb cup of coffee you’ve ever had, you can find me somewhere in the mountains, probably knitting or something like that. I’m a great arm wrestler and world class hair flipper. Some of my hero’s include: Tommy Caldwell, My pops, and John Muir. If you enjoy talking about different origins of coffee beans for hours on end, or if you like wearing socks, I’m sure we’d be great friends!

P.S. you look great in that shirt





I am JuliaBioPic a curly- headed, Colorado nearly-native. I came to Minnesota for school in 2013. I will have a double major in Nursing and Biblical Studies when I finish school after a long 8 year trek to a bachelors. I like all the little things in life and all the big things too. My perfect day would involve getting up at 6 with a cup of black tea, going on a hike, having good conversation with friends, and SALSA dancing. And I’ll be honest, probably a nap. I LOVE working at J. Arthur’s because I get to greet friends all day with a smile and a cup of liquid happiness. See you here!





I am the most adorable darling; a sweet, perfect, little angel. And if you don’t believe me, just come see how my face lights up at the sight of any person who walks through our door. Also I’m vegan, but don’t hold it against me. I hate it too. In my free time, I curl, go to other coffee shops, give tattoos under bridges, high five complete strangers, and and go on the occasional dumpster dive. Just ask my mama, I’m hard core. If I could own any pet, it would be a naked mole rat due to their high intelligence quotient. Ask me what to get at J. Arthur’s and I’ll say, get what your heart tells you. Or a miel. Always a miel. Hugs and kissess.