Our People



Noelle – Co-Manager.

Well hi! I’m Noelle. I really like coffee, especially African ones made in a chemex. I also love espresso straight up, man. So good. Besides all that, I love everything outdoors; the mountains are my favorite place on earth. I love to climb on rocks and hike in the woods and trail run especially! I enjoy cooking a whole lot and really enjoy studying holistic health and nutrition. I am a thankful and happy wife to my husband Cam–he is my favorite person ever.

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Christa – Co-Manager.

Hello! It’s a pleasure to meet you. In an ideal world, we would be meeting over a delicious cup of green tea and conversing about all sorts of deep life questions such as, “Who was Jesus?” or, “Can anyone really taste black currants in the Dogwood Ethiopia?” But, alas, this is not an ideal world and I must tell you about myself on this small sheet of paper. Other things in my ideal world include wildflowers, climb-able trees, and lots of tall mountains. You’ll usually find me smiling, and it’s because I just can’t help it. I am incredibly blessed by the love of a Father in heaven, and I just wanna love Him back.







Hi :) I am Andrew. I love eating pancakes, bacon filled cheesy omelettes, and other yummy breakfast foods. My favorite J. Arthur’s drink is a bomber mixed with many of the smoothie flavors. I enjoy playing outdoors, singing at work and impersonating stuffed animals in my spare time. I don’t do twitter. 
















Hello. My name is Karstin. I enjoy writing poetry by candlelight in the dark hours of the night, avoiding human interaction at all costs, and analyzing the life processes of dolphins. I think there’s nothing better than consuming more coffee than water in a day but my internal organs are starting to shrivel so I’m a little nervous. I love going to church, listening to The Holy Spirit, and reading John 14 (over, and over, and over again). My life wasn’t complete until I encountered Jesus….and tried Dogwood Costa Rica made with a Chemex.





I am currently a nursing student at Northwestern College. In my limited free time, I enjoy reading novels and making memories with friends. I also love M&Ms, the color purple, and making (and drinking!) coffee. I absolutely love working at J. Arthur’s, and I have learned so much about coffee since beginning to work here! My favorite drinks include pourovers.

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Rebecca graduated from Northwestern college in St. Paul with a degree in General Music. She sometimes plays violin and enjoys singing randomly. She dreams of going to Ireland and hopes to one day encounter the Eleventh Doctor, play soccer with him, and travel through all of time and space.

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Howdy everyone, I’m Ryan. I like to camp and do outdoorsy stuff (like shooting archery!). When the weather is nice, you’ll find me outside running, playing Frisbee, or taking a nap in the grass. When it’s not so nice, I’ll probably be inside playing a board game with my friends. I recently graduated from the University of Northwestern with a degree in Psychology. I loved being a customer at J. Arthur’s, and now I have the privilege of working here too! My favorite drink is a Caramella!












Hey! I’m Morgyn! After being a full time student and full time worker, I’ve decided to slow the pace a bit and just work full time. The plan is to someday return and finish my degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. For now though, I am loving working here at J. Arthurs. My favorite drink is our Marble Marvel, though in the winter months the Chaider is a close competitor.  I enjoy reading and writing and hanging out with friends. I especially love sitting down and getting to know people over a cup of coffee or tea.

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Hi I’m Rachel! I love the outdoors, running, playing sports, and watching the sunset! Being in the kitchen is one of my favorites things, especially when my mom is teaching me how to make something! I love, love, love spending time with family! (my nieces and nephews are the cutest!) And one day I am going to run a marathon. I have a degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy and teach private piano in the Minneapolis area.





Amy's Bio Photo


Hello World! My name is Amy and I enjoy moonlight strolls on the beach, dandelions by the armful, and participation dances. Just kidding! I’m not a fan of any of those things (except the participation dances…I do a mean Macarena.) Some things I actually enjoy include running, camping ministry, traveling to new and adventurous places, and goofing around with my friends. I started working at J Arthurs in January of 2013 while I was a student at Bethel University, left for almost a year to pursue an internship at Camp Shamineau, and have now returned to the barista life and am lov-ing-it. My favorite drink is our Little Canadian (with half the amount of syrup— I’m sweet enough without it.)