Our Suppliers


Roastery 7 is a small artisan roastery located in Brooklyn Center, MN.  They are dedicated to “building long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships with [their] growers and importers” while providing “unparalleled support at competitive prices.” In 2010, Roastery 7 began a partnership with the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation (MCF) located in Ecuador and their “CarbonNeg offsets, Shadier Coffee, and a nascent Ecuadorian coffee growers association in a multifaceted initiative to make [their] carbon footprint net negative while helping to protect threatened Cloudforest in northwest Ecuador.”



Dogwood Coffee Co. is a local, Minneapolis-based roaster focused on ‘relationship coffee.’  There are many people involved in getting coffee from it’s country of origin into the hands of the consumer.  Dogwood focuses it’s efforts on developing relationships with as many people in the sourcing chain as possible, ” whether that be with producers, exporters, importers, agronomists or educators. We want to travel to meet the people that grow, care for and harvest the coffee we roast and brew. It is our belief that the more people in the chain that have the same quality-minded approaches and sustainable living goals as we do, the better off we all are. We believe everyone should be paid fairly for what they do well, and that long term relationships mean we can all enjoy delicious coffee for years.”   Dogwood Coffee is dedicated to learning the craft of roasting, highlighting the unique qualities inherent in each coffee.  Coffee, like wine, takes on the peculiarities of each country, region and farm that it is grown on.  Dogwood is focused not on blending coffee, but on showcasing each coffee’s nuance and variety. Click here to learn about specific farms and producers.



True Stone Coffee is a local, independent roastery based out of St. Paul, MN.  They work directly with many different coffee growers (co-op farmers and single family) from around the world to find the best possible beans to roast into the best possible cup of coffee.  They hold to the ideals that coffee should be extremely fresh and phenomenal and take great steps to ensure that each of those ideals are met with each fresh batch of roasted coffee.



J. Arthur’s also serves and sells tea from Tea Source. The owner, Bill Waddington, is a “world recognized authority on specialty tea. He is the founder and president of TeaSource (1996). As such he imports, blends, and wholesales some of the finest specialty teas from around the world”.



Ames Farm Limited is a farm with 5 orchards and 18 bee locations spread out over a large area of central and southern Minnesota. We produce high quality, raw Single Source Honey, Bee Pollen and 20 varieties of apples.