Meeting Rooms

Effective May 1st, J Arthur’s Coffee will be closed to the public.

As much as we will miss serving coffee to our loyal customers, we are looking forward to being able to use this space for what it was originally meant to be – a meeting space for employees of ACR Homes, and a social space for the people with disabilities supported at ACR Homes and Arthur’s Residential Care.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes for our customers. All room reservations will be honored through May 1st. If you have gift cards for J Arthur’s, we ask that you use them before May 1st or contact us for a refund of the remaining balance. Gift cards refunds will be honored through June 1st.

Thank you to our loyal customers for your support! We look forward to serving you throughout April.

We have two meeting rooms with full audiovisual equipment available to rent. Room rental includes a complimentary carafe of coffee.

The St. Paul Room: This is our medium size room. It can seat 20-35 people and cost $50 to rent (for every two hours).

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.58.39 AM

The Minnesota Room: This is our largest room. It can seat 40-55 people and cost $75 to rent (for every two hours).



Call 651-294-4782 or email the manager at to check availability and make reservations.

Times will be limited during our peak hours (8a-12p).

Reservation can only be made during open hours of operation

Thanks for understanding!