…Of The Day

Today’s Coffee Roasts are:

Light – Guatelmala

Dark -Colombia 

Pour Over:  Kenya 

Soups for Today: (12/28)

Chicken Noodle 

Beef Chili

Summer’s Comin’

Here at J. Arthur’s, we are super excited that summer is well on it’s way. Baseball and fishing opener have whet our appetites for those future days spent at the beach, picnicking with the family, or taking those week-long camping trips up to the exquisite Boundary Waters.

This being said, we are thrilled to release our 2013 Summer Drink list. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here. We think you’ll enjoy our selection, and as always, there are plenty of classic iced drink options such as the Iced Mocha or our notorious Marble Marvel.

~Summer Drinks~


Just as that famous moose from Frostbite Falls, MN, has left his mark on our history, so this drink comprising cold press, maple syrup and cream, will forever be intertwined with your memory of delicious summer drinks.

Iced Pour Over

A freshly brewed cup of your favorite Dogwood Coffee but with one key difference: it’s iced. #mindblown

Cold Press

The classic summer coffee favorite of many; from the governor to that punk teenager that mows his lawn, it’s no wonder this drink is for the masses.


Imagine taking a shot of Dogwood Coffee’s Neon Espresso and pouring it over two scoops of  ice cream. If you’re not careful your taste buds will soon be singing a Tony Bennett love song. It’s that good.

Iced Tea

Simply put, we think our friends over at ©TeaSource have the best tea in the state. Try the famous iced black tea or choose from 1 of our 30+ varieties.