As much as we will miss serving coffee to our loyal customers, we are looking forward to being able to use this space for what it was originally meant to be – a meeting space for employees of ACR Homes, and a social space for the people with disabilities supported at ACR Homes and Arthur’s Residential Care.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes for our customers. All room reservations will be honored through May 1st. If you have gift cards for J Arthur’s, we ask that you use them before May 1st or contact us for a refund of the remaining balance. Gift cards refunds will be honored through June 1st.

Thank you to our loyal customers for your support! We look forward to serving you throughout April.



J. Arthur’s Coffee opened in 2008 as a training and meeting space for ACR employees. We also wanted to be a place where people with disabilities who live in ACR’s homes could come and enjoy a cup of coffee in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

In 2011, we opened our doors to the public and began pursuing an artisan, handcrafted approach to coffee with an emphasis on direct sourcing of high quality local ingredients and sustainability.  We are excited to share an exceptional coffee experience with the local community, as well as the opportunity to be part of a warm and welcoming place for people with disabilities.


It all boils down to good coffee, and at J. Arthur’s, it’s very good–good enough to make me consider changing my morning driving route.

–Kathie Jenkins, Twin Cities Restaurant Critic